UTV Sponsorship From Bert's UTV | Racing Sponsor April 07 2014

Let Bert's UTV Sponsor You And Your Race Team!

Are you asking yourself...How do i get sponsored?

Bert's UTV has an awesome new sponsorship program for UTV racers and race teams! Bert's wants to help and support UTV Racing as much as we can!


There is awesome Racer Benefits for all of our UTV Racers! Don's Miss this UTV Sponsorship from Bert's UTV!

Bert's UTV Sponorship Benefits:

-Racer Discount Program:

Bert's wants to be the UTV headquarters for our racers! We developed a "Racer Discount" program, where racers will get great deals on products from Bert's Mega Mall's Parts & Accessories department - Full of tons of UTV parts and acessories! Out of state sponsorships will get an exclusive "Racer Discount Promo Code" for Bertsutv.com!

-Racer Profile:

Bert's UTV will have a "Team" page coming soon on our website! It will feature all of our UTV Racers that our sponsored by us! They will all have a "Racer Profile" which you can learn alot more about these racers! There will tons of pictures, videos and any information the racer wants to show available!

-Social Media Coverage:

UTV racers will get an exclusive contact from Bert's UTV that will post to Bert's UTV's social media sites (Including facebook, Instagram, UTV Underground Forum, and more) on the racers behalf. (Race results, new customizations, videos, and tons more)

-Racer Profile Video Shoot:

Bert's also includes an exlusive video shoot for you! This video is mainly just about the racer and all of his/her accomplishmetns, sponsors, UTV customizations, exc. These videos can be very benefitial to the racer and gain them much publicity. There is also many other video shoot opputunities for Bert's sponsored racers available!

-Bert's UTV Swag:

UTV racers will always recieve plenty of stickers, shirts, and other swag to help support the Bert's UTV team!


Get Started!

Contact: bertsutv@gmail.com

*Send us your resume and race plans! Please include any pictures, videos, and other important information about yourself and your team!*