Bert's UTV is Open! October 16 2012

Berts Mega Mall located in Southern California is extremely excited to launch our first real website that is dedicated 100% to the pure UTV enthusiatsts. Bert's Mega Mall is a family owned business that has been selling powersports products for over 50 years, and sells almost every brand under one roof. Bert's has sold over 4,000 UTV's to enthusiats just like yourself. We are currently the world's largest Polaris UTV dealer, also selling a full line of Can-am products, Yamaha, Artic Cat, Kawasaki, and Honda UTV's. So clearly as you can see we do know the business, and most of our staff here at Bert's are enthusiasts ourselves. We ride in most of the California deserts, Dumont Dunes, and Glamis. We have participated in all of the Sand Sport Super Shows, Off Road Expos in our local market, and we are heavily involved with UTV Underground. As you can imagine we have had a great opportunity to meet enthusaists just like you to get their own feedback and what we have heard from many of you is that you want a pure UTV website that caters to you and the vehicle that you ride. We have put together this website that has a full line of Parts and Accessories from performance parts, tires and wheels, seats, cameras, communication, and even custom built cars that are turn key ready to drive. When visiting our site you will be happy to see many of our custom built cars that we have done and sold which is great to give you an opportunity to see whats else is out there so that you can create your own UTV like no one elses. We will continue to be adding new parts and accessories weekly and will be planning on doing different events throughout the year in the deserts and the dunes. Please follow our blog as we get rolling and jump onto our facebook and get invovled. We hope that you find our new website to be fun, exciting, and easy to do your shopping at one location with people just like you that ride. Enjoy your time, be safe while riding, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You,

Bert's UTV
Operated by Zach Seidner