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Keenan Rogerson | Bert's UTV Racer Profile

About Keenean:
The start of my SXS racing passion began in 2011 when entering into the WORCS. My third race into the series I podium with a first place. At this race I find a great friend and very respected motor builder in many aspects of racing; Mark Queen of "Queen Racing." Soon to follow through the season I meet Art Wood of "Berts Mega Mall." Art has always been there taking care of me with any questions that I have and putting me in contact with people to get my car to the next race. As I can only race as I can afford, I would love to make a whole series and win a championship one day. Competing as I can; I have raced in the Super Course RD. 3 Cal City placing second, 2011 VORRA RD. 2 Prairie City placing first, and 2013 SST Sand Sports Super Show placing a first and a second. As of this year I have greatly appreciated the help that ITP wheel and tire has given me. And not only have they been helpful in customer service, but Ryan Edwards of ITP has been at every WORCS race giving advice and a helping hand where ever needed. I can't leave out one of the biggest names on my car "Rogerson Construction." This is my dads company that I work for, my family. I couln't even make it to the races without them. They are my pit crew, support, fabricators, or just there to hand me the next wrench, this includes one of my best friends Bruce Mabrey. 
Thank you to all my sponsors family and friends.


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